We need private donations, as well as those from government and business to keep HSTC in shape to service Tipton, and other towns in Tipton County, and Tipton County as a whole.

 🐾🐾 Foster a Dog or Cat Today!

Why Foster?
It saves lives. Pure and simple.
Sometimes an animal finds their forever home with a foster family.
We need people to foster animals for a variety of reasons. Because we try to help in as many cases as we can, it only takes one big intake day, or a hoarding case, or the seasonal peaks we see with kittens/puppies, and after holidays, for us to find ourselves in a space crisis.
Without our foster parents opening their hearts and homes to the animals who need a temporary break from shelter life - or a home in which to  heal - we simply couldn’t be the no-kill shelter we are today. Our Foster Program also provides an opportunity to introduce a pet in need  of fostering into your home without making a lifelong commitment. If you’re unsure about adoption, this is a great way to dip your toes into the water.

Foster Homes